Blue Flower

1. Notice for appearance in Arbitration Case

2. Notice for appearance in Civil Appeal(Or.41 R-14 CPC)

3. Notice for appearance in Civil Case by way of publication

4. Notice for appearance in Consumer Case(C.C)

5. Notice for appearance in Domestic Violence Case(D.V.C)

6. Notice for appearance in Employees Compensation Case(E.C)

7. Notice for appearance in Execution Petition(E.P)

8. Notice for appearance in Industrial Dispute Case(I.D)

9. Notice for appearance in Insolvency Petition(I.P)

10. Notice for appearance in Land Grabbing Case(L.G.C)

11. Notice for appearance in Motor Vehicles Original Petition(MVOP)

12. Notice for appearance in Pre-Litigation Case before Lok-Adalath(P.L.C)

13. Notice for appearance in Railway Tribunal Case(O.A)

14. Notice for appearance in the matter of Family Courts Act

15. Notice for appearance in the matter of Hindu Marriage Act

16. Notice for appearance in the matter of Land Reforms Appeal(L.R.A)

17. Notice for appearance of Respondent in Crl.M.P

18. Notice for appearance of Respondent in Maintenance Case(M.C)

19. Notice for settling terms of proclamation of sale(Or.21 R-64 CPC)

20. Notice of application to transfer suit(R-63 & 64 CRP)

21. Notice of attachment of decree to Court which passed it(Or.21 R-53)

22. Notice of attachment of decree to the holder of decree(Or.21 R-53)

23. Notice of Commissioner to measure schedule property

24. Notice of date of hearing in I.A

25. Notice of date of hearing of bail application to public prosecutor

26. Notice of precept under section 46 CPC

27. Notice of the day fixed for settling a Sale Proclamation Or.21 R-66 CPC

28. Notice permitting of execution of attached decree under Rule-244

29. Notice to attaching creditor for appearance(Or.21 R-58)

30. Notice to defendant for appearance as last date (Or.9 R-6 CPC)

31. Notice to opposite party in pauperism O.P

32. Notice to person in possession of movable sold in execution Or.21 R-79

33. Notice to person who should be added as party to the case

34. Notice to public calling objections in declaring legal heirs of deceased

35. Notice to public calling objections in issuing Succession Certificate

36. Notice to public calling objections in purchasing property

37. Notice to Respondent for recovery proceedings in M.W.Case

38. Notice to show cause (General) Civil 'J' in I.A

39. Notice to show cause for execution in a decree transferred by assignment

40. Notice to show cause why payment-adjustment should not be recorded

41. Notice to show cause why sale should not be set-aside Or.21 R-90,92

42. Notice to show cause why sale should not be set-side Or.21 R-91,92

43. Notice to show cause why warrant of arrest should not issue Or.21 R-37

44. Proclamation for attendance of witness who absconded Or.16 R-10

45. Proclamation for attendance of witness who failed to attend Or.16 R-10

46. Proclamation of sale of attached property Or.21 R-66

47. Proclamation of sale of immovable property under R-274 CRP

48. Proclamation of sale of movable property-affidavit verifying proclamation

49. Summons for appearance & settlement of issues in Original Suit(O.S)

50. Summons for appearance of Accused person in Calendar Case(C.C)

51. Summons for production of public record-document from public servant

52. Summons to appear-answer charge of obstructing execution of decree

53. Summons to witness in Civil Case under Or.16 R-1 & 5 CPC

54. Summons to witness in Criminal Case under S.68 R-252 Cr.P.C

55. Notice in S.T.C.Case under s.20(5)(b) of Minimum Wages Act & S.421 Cr.P.C