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1. Affidavit clarifying the incomplete official record of birth for abroad

2. Affidavit declaring date of birth for appearing Open University-SDLCE

3. Affidavit declaring date of birth of illiterate person for obtaining passport

4. Affidavit declaring two names belongs to one and the same person

5. Affidavit for change of name by Gazette Publication through RDO-MRO

6. Affidavit for converted caste certificate from Tahsildar

7. Affidavit for correction of date of birth in school records

8. Affidavit for correction of date of birth-name in Secondary School Certificate

9. Affidavit for demarcation of land with Government Surveyor

10. Affidavit for duplicate copy of Intermediate Certificate

11. Affidavit for duplicate copy of Secondary School Certificate

12. Affidavit for duplicate demand draft

13. Affidavit for impounding the document

14. Affidavit for issuance of mutation proceedings

15. Affidavit for issue of duplicate driving licence

16. Affidavit for obtaining birth certificate from Registrar of Births & Deaths

17. Affidavit for obtaining caste certificate from Tahsildar

18. Affidavit for obtaining certified copy of pahanies from Tahsildar

19. Affidavit for obtaining death certificate from Registrar of Births & Deaths

20. Affidavit for obtaining Degree in Absentia as he lost hall ticket

21. Affidavit for obtaining duplicate copy of Transfer Certificate

22. Affidavit for obtaining duplicate of Gas Connection S.V.Paper

23. Affidavit for obtaining income certificate from Tahsildar

24. Affidavit for obtaining rectified birth certificate from Registrar of Births-Deaths

25. Affidavit for refund of amount of unused-unexecuted stamps

26. Affidavit for registration of medical practice with Medical Council of India

27. Affidavit for transfer of vehicle permit from one place to another place

28. Affidavit in lieu of date of birth certificate for obtaining PAN Card

29. Affidavit of third party under rule-172 C.R.P in support of guardianship

30. Affidavit of weaker section for obtaining housing loan from Government

31. Affidavit of wife to withdraw amount from Bank Account of deceased

32. Affidavit under Or.39 R-3A C.P.C for compliance of order

33. Affidavit verifying proclamation of sale

34. Affidavit for attestation of specimen signature-thumb impression for non-detection of Aadhaar

35. Affidavit of Bride & Bridegroom for conducting marriage at Temple