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      This is Ram Mohan, Advocate, Author and Administrator of ‘’’’I have developed this Website and offering  services to the Legal Practitioners and it also serves the needs of Judges, Judicial Staff, Document Writers, Law Students, Police Officials, Quasi-Judicial Officers and staff etc., in their day to day official works.

    In this Website I included most of the Affidavits, Forms, Summons and Notices, Memos, Warrants, Court Fee, Valuation, Jurisdiction, Limitation Periods and Civil Petitions, Criminal Petitions as per the Procedure, Rules and Acts and I am also preparing to give paying services for Deeds & Instruments, Labour & Workmen Claims, Agreements, General Power of Attorneys, Civil Original Petitions, Suits, Counters, Written Statements, Criminal Original Petitions, Private Complaints, Consumer Complaints, Legal Notices, Reply  Notices, Legal Opinions, Written Arguments, Orders and Decrees, Execution Petitions, Revisions, Appeals etc., with required pleadings and ingredients. The matters & services of this website are very much need to the said professionals. 

      Out of my experience and practice I am making efforts to bring out said matters & services in this website by putting my strenuous effort and incurring expenditure.  It is developing for easy access, get information and print out the formats.  It is a simple, efficient, courteous, consistent and effective support.  This WEBSITE is developing in such a user friendly manner, so that, neither computer knowledge nor even basic knowledge of Computer is required. By merely operating with the mouse, you can go to the required matter.  It is open to you to go to any of the said subjects by clicking on the required menu.  You can be operated only by clicking with the mouse without using the Key Board at all and you can get required format print outs and take required services.  I hope that it would serve the needs of the said professionals.

     On my expression and thought this Website has been designed by Mr.R.Venkateshwarlu and it is developing with required data and services by me, Smt.Madhavi Mohan and others.

    There is a shortage of funds for development of this project. Therefore, I request the professionals, who availed this service, to donate any amount by transferring into our Bank A/c.No.59090100005963 and IFSC Code No.BARBOHANAMK of Bank of Baroda, Hanamkonda, Warangal City, Telangana State, India or through PHONE PAY/GOOGLE PAY No.9440663586 or with BHIM UPI QR Code  shown in above at ''DONATE US'' MENU and send your name, e-mail and address to our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for our record and this amount will be utilized for further development of this Website Project. 

      All rights over this Website belong to the Author and Administrator. 

   Note:- If any errors or omissions which might have crept in inadvertently, the same may be brought to our notice through the above said e-mail I.D., for carrying out corrections.


                                                                                     BEERUKURI RAM MOHAN

                                                                                                Advocate      B.A., LL.M.,

                                                                           Author & Administrator of this website.